Curriculum Vitae


Sabah Alanbari 2007

 Curriculum Vitae

·      He was born in Baquba (60km north of Baghdad) on the tenth of January 1954.


But according to his father, he was born on the first of May 1952.


His father M. Abood

·      He was taught  the craft of photography  by his uncle (Jameel Al-Lami) and by the photographer (Ali Mutar)

he was taught the art and the techniques of photography .


Photographer Ali Moter

·      Published his first essay in 1971 in (Al-thaqafa) magazine in Iraq entitled (New Dimensions in the 60's Poetry)


·                  He was a co-director of "Migrant of Brisbane" written by George Shahada and directed by the Iraqi director Sami Abd Al- Hameed in 1974.

·      He has directed the following plays for the (Baquba Theater Group):

1.      The Man Who Made Fun of Angels   in 1974

2.      The Key in 1975.

3.     The New House in 1975.

4.     The Two Opposites in 1976.

5.     The Scream in 1995.

6.     The Conjunction in Silence Space in 1995.

7.     The Donkey's Shadow Case in 1996.

8.     Death Train in 2004.


·      His first play "Break-in Group"  a science fiction, won in "Al-Aqlam" magazine's competition as the best Iraqi play in 1993 and was published in the same magazine in 1994.




·      His play "The Scream" won the country prize for creation in 1994 but wasn't permitted to be directed in Iraq.


He published the following books:-






1.      Silent Rituals    / published in "The House of General  cultural affairs" /     Baghdad 2000.

2.     Time-Cleavage Night / published in "Arab Writers Union/ Damascus 2001.

3.     The Drama Structure in M. Zanganah Plays /The House of General Cultural Affairs – Baghdad 2002.

4.     Journeys in The Kingdom of Silence / / The House of General Cultural Affairs – Baghdad 2004.

5.     Creative Imagination / Peyvin Magazine.

6.     The read and the seen / The House of Sardam- Suleimaniya.

7.     Place and its aesthetic connotations in Shirko's poems / Nainawa House –Damascus.

8.     Manifestations of narration / The House of General Cultural Affairs – Baghdad.

9.     Qassim Matroud in the mirrors of criticism / The House of Noun – Egypt.

10. The book of the silent plays / Altakween House – Syria.

11. Biography of a writer and a city / Alef House – Damascus.

12. Muhildeen Zangana The Mountain we sat under its wonderful shades.

13. Tradition and experimentation in Abdulfattah Qal'achi's plays.

14.             Three Iraqi plays. Desire of Endings.

15. Problem of Absence in Adeeb Kamal Ad-Deen’s Poetry.

16. Monodramatic Memoirs/ Difaf Publishing/plays




·      Was elected a head of the "Iraqi society for photography" in 2004 and has published a booklet entitled "the third eye"


·      In 2004, he established  with some of his friends in Dyala "The National Association for Defence of  Human Rights in Iraq"

and has written in its issue "Human Rights" some daring essays.


·      Has written tens of articles, essays and researches in the fields of theater, story and photography.