The second sequence of blood



Male assistant

Female assistant

















Subordinates and bodyguards


Logo of academy of Sciences is hung on the wall facing the audience in a size that permits everyone sitting at the end of the hall, to see it clearly, the phrase written on it is ďExperiment and research sectionĒ and another phrase below it is ďBrain sectionĒ.

On the same wall and over a table which extend along it there is a big screen, two small ones and growth oven . on the right and the left walls there are lockers and over them there are various medical equipments and tools.

      The three walls are separated from the stage by automatic slide planes . there are two mechanical chairs in the middle of the stage to which the first and the second volunteer are tied. There are iron bars and hooks in the down right corner of the stage, representing a safety cage to hold the animals used in tests. At the bottom left many buttons and different control devices are fixed so that theatres , that are still dependent on manual lighting control devises , could put the control device , at the disposal of the inventor who will be there most of the time. When the light is turned on, we see the inventor (dressed in white), the assistants (wearing green) the volunteers (in white), and there are two groups of scientists and professors, the first group is sitting at the bottom left of the stage which is in front of the big theatreís stage, while the second group is sitting in the bottom right of the stage with the music, the inventor moves automatically the planes that separate the three walls by the ďremote controlĒ.

The inventor : (to his two assistants)  now we shall start.. are you ready?

The two assistants (together): yes (one of them lowers the radiation device from the space of the theatre to settle on the two chairs directly).

The inventor: is the radiation crew ready

The female assistant : yes.

The inventor: what about the transference device ?

The male assistant: itís also ready.

The inventor: O.K. make the storage capacity of the induction device on 650 discs (CD-ROM) Gigabyte and wait for the signal(to the group of the scientists and the professors sitting down left and down right of the small stage) As you will see, ladies and gentlemen , it will be carried out in two stages, at the first stage we induce this region (he points with a small stick to a certain region which appears on the first small screen an illustrative sample of the geography  of the brain . itís as you know specialized in comprehension through the programmed phonic induction device. At the second stage we make a quick successive transfusion of blood promptly successively synchronic with the induction . These two different and synchronic stages cannot be carried out by using traditional devices because they need accurate and complicated programming.

      Now look at the two brains of these two volunteers (the picture of the two brains appears on the large screen) the first brain is quite outstanding in data aspects while the second shows no excellences whatsoever . besides it shows some retarded ness, look at what will happen when I operate the two devices (he gives the signal to the two assistants, they operate the two devices.

      The induction device emits a sharp whistle which intensifies gradually and with the intensification the electric charges, that come out of the first brain and get into the second brain, increase. It shows how the convolutions of the brain are affected. We see the graphs of the two brains on the second small screen) observe the speed of the dataís storage in  that region and observe how it utilizes and stores these data in top speed the accuracy that beats the computer. (Then in address accent) scientistsÖ Iím glad to put these devices (pointing out to the two devices) at the disposal of all humanityÖ Iím sure that they will achieve a great scientific leap for our world. You may decide their efficiency before showing them at the scientific conference of the all world countries (applause).


(he is one of the scientists sitting on the left of the small stage ) Your invention puts us in a difficult position practically since it depends basically on the unity of the human mind. How can we imagine humanity thinking, working and deciding looking as if is compressed in one mind.

The inventor: the one mental level doesnít rule out the development of the human mindÖ my invention will provide the chance for great progress and development  all over the world.

 Scientist 2:

 (he is one of scientists sitting on the right the small stage)  But in this way you cast the human mind in one mould.


 Never mind, if the choice is right.


 I think the issue is more complicated than this if we want to choose an excellent and complete mindÖ I suggest , if you allow me, though this matter may be too early because the two devices have not been shown yet to the scientific conference of all world countries. They are the essence of special model which is taken from different sources which we cross-fertilize and then transfer and copy them.

 Scientist5:      Nevertheless, the problem of the people is still outstanding.

The inventor: which problem?


 They refuse to give up their memory store.

The inventor: Our experience doesnít omit anything from their memory store.. itís specialized in a specific region only, the new model stores a new data without losing stored data in return and it corrects wrong information without deleting them.

Furthermore, the scientific conference will be responsible for discussing the aims and the objectives and it will decide methods and choices.

Professor 1 (he is the dean of Academy of Sciences Öhe gets up and addresses the inventor and the group of scientists) these two devices should not be shown at the international conference and should not be used internationally before achieving the society we wish for in our country Ö We shall be a great ideal power for humanity Ö and all the world will be grateful for us in some way or other . As for the choice , it is much easier than you imagine .

(The alarm of the transfusion device goes off and the inventor looks at his watch ) .

 The inventor :

Sir , dean of Sciences Academy. Iím sorry to interrupt you, the time of the transfusion is over .

 Professor 1;

 Really ? what a speed ! Ö great Ö great, have a seat .

The inventor (to the female assistant ) : Is the signal of the transfusion     

                  device fixed on zero ?

The female assistant : Yes .

 The inventor :

 Then, untie the bands (she starts untying the bands , then to the male assistant ) turn on the sound induction device (the device is turned on while the inventor raises the radiations by the remote control . The lights are turned on ) take them to treatment by vibration room and bring them back for the test (they start going out but he signals for them to stop , then to the female assistant) give me the induction device , please.

The male assistant ( gives him the device ): Here you are .

 The inventor :

Thank you Ö you  may go ( they go out while pushing the two chairs before them with a small remote control . The inventor resumes his conversation with the dean of the academy ) sorry for interrupting you Ö I think you said that the matter is easier than imagined .

 Professor 1 :

Yes Ö but I suggest this matter be delayed until the treatment is done .

The inventor : As you like , sir (then) The treatment as you know needs nothing but short moments during which I  suppose that things went will and itís possible to transfer any mind to others Ö how would we suppose , rather , how could we convince others to accept the idea changing into the new mentally unified society ?

 Professor 1: By enlightenment and education .

 The inventor :

 You are optimist Mr dean ! The society of today is unlike that of yesterday . Itís civilized and developed society but at the same time it hates raped changes .

 Professor 1:

 Donít worry , inventor Ö Iíll take care of this matter as soon the first step begins .

The female assistant ( she enters with her colleague ) : The treatment has  

                been done .

 The inventor :

Are both of them well ?

The female assistant : Yes, sir .

 The inventor :

 Bring them here to be tested ( they go out then return with the two volunteers , using remote controls . They bring in two automatic chairs to seat each two automatic chairs to seat each volunteer on either side of the theatre . Then each assistant puts a device on the volunteersí ears to prevent them from hearing each other when they answer the inventorís question . The female assistant puts the device on the second volunteerís at first.

 The inventor :

( approaches the first volunteer )  Answer me in one word my son what made man human ?

 Volunteer 1 :

(thinking)   work .

The inventor (Heads to the second volunteer and beckons to his assistant and she takes off the device from his ears to allow him hear the question ): what about you , my son Ö answer me . what made man human ?

 Volunteer 2 :

 (thinking)  work.

The inventor (Turns to the first volunteer): Who made night and the day ?



The inventor (goes to the second and the assistant takes off the muffling device of his ear )  And you what is your answer ? who made the night and the day ?



The inventor (quickly): What makes man attractive ?


The mind .

The inventor: What makes man attractive ?

 Volunteer 2:

The mind

The inventor : Who gave you confidence in yourself ?


 Equilibrium .

The inventor : Excellent , you can go now Ö thank you (they go out

                        politely , then to the group of scientists ) letís return to the      question of choice Ö personally , I vote for crystallizing a special specimen taken from numerous sources which we cross-fertilize them , then transfer and copy .

 Professor 1 ;

 Donít waste your time , gentlemen Ö

((The matter has been settled and the choice has been made

(silence) All of them look at him strangely . Then quietly and confidently)) I think that non of you would refuse to have a duplicate mind of mine for the new society .

The inventor (astonished) : Why should it be your mind and no other , sir ?

 Professor 1 :

                letís say itís a payment of a debt .

 Scientist 1 :

 This matter needs unanimous decision.

 Professor 1 :

 The matter doesnít need a decision .

 The inventor :

 Yes , of course , it requires a decision whenever the matter is related to what become of other peopleís minds , it needs unanimous decision .


 Do you exclude me Mr. Inventor?

 The inventor :

Frankly Ö yes

 Professor 1 :

 But , the matter is no longer in your hands .

 The inventor ;

 I invented this device (referring to the device of the inductions sound .

 Professor 1

: Sure Ö no one says anything to the contrary , but every scientific achievement involves two parties Ö as soon as the party side finishes , the second one starts .

The inventor :

 what about you  Mr. dean, do you consider yourself a party  to the achievement ?

 Professor 1 :

 It is I who decides , chooses and approves the use of the induction device or any other . The inventor : Is that why you give yourself priority over all others ?

 The inventor: is that why you give yourself priority over all  others?

 Professor1 :

Because I have everybodyís interest at heart .

The inventor : How ? Ö by choosing your mind a model for them ?

 Professor 1 :

 Exactly .

The inventor : Mr. Dean Ö you are wrong .

 Professor 1:

What do you mean ?

The inventor: I  exclude you from the experiment .

 Professor 1 :

You couldnít Ö the new society is mine Ö Do you think that I put the budget of the academy at your disposal for nothing ?

 The inventor :

Then , you want the price .

 Professor 1:

 Letís say Ö you are beginning to understand me .

 The inventor :

 Rather , Iím beginning to realize who you are.

  Professor 1 :

 Beware , inventor Ö you could never do anything without me , do you understand ?

 The inventor :

no I donít understand , Mr. Dean .

 Professor 1 :

 I shall make you understand ( he steps towards the inventor) The risk of the process you have carried out , currently , lies in the course which the new society like ours to disorder . So it must be controlled by a wise person to lead it on the way to progress and humanity .

The inventor : With due respect for your person sir , I see that you are not qualified to do all that .

 Professor 1 :

 You donít know me well .

 The inventor :

 The years I spent in this academy acquainted me with everyone in it .

 Professor 1 :

 If you are so , why do you exclude me ? Isnít this ingratitude ?

The inventor :

 No , there is some fairness in this .

 Professor 1 :

 fairness in excluding me ? what fairness is this Mr. inventor?

 The inventor :

I Donít want you and myself to take a responsibility we are not able to bear . You realize Ö of course , what would happen to the next generations if the choice was not right .

Professor 1 :

 I will guarantee everything .

 The inventor :

Then , you insist on your demand .

Professor 1 :

 Yes , because I donít see anyone who is more useful than me for the new society .

The inventor :

 This is the selfishness of the individual who usurps . what belongs to the community .

Professor 1 :

 No itís the wisdom of man to see the image of his conduct in others to feel reassured that the new code of conduct would be a positive one .

 The inventor:

  The positive doesnít mean molding conduct in a certain pattern .

Professor 1 :

 You go too far .

The inventor :

Iím the inventor of this device (referring to the device of the sound induction ) and I have the right to impose my will so that my device is not used for personal purposes .

Professor 1 :

 Your ingratitude makes me change the way I deal with you .

The inventor :

 What do you mean ?


 You will see ( he goes towards the inventor angrily and before he reaches half the distance he is interrupted by someone whom we shall designate as man 1 ) .

Man 1 :

Wait Mr. dean ( The dean stops where he is and turns) answer me quickly , what gives you the right to choose yourself and impose it on the new society ?

Professor 1 :

My service for science and scientists and my responsibility in this academy as a dean .. no one could achieve what I  have done . Isnít that sufficient MrÖ.

Man 1 ;

The secretary .

Professor 1 :

 Mr. Secretary.

Man 1 :

No , that is not sufficient Mr. deanÖ I say that to you , to the inventor and to everybody. All of you have forgotten who must decide and choose (Man I  proceeds towards the inventor and stands beside him ) now , we shall make a true start ( He takes out the mobile phone from the pocket of his jacket and deletes a number . All are surprised at what he does ) your highness Ö everything is ready as you expect Ö exactly Ö donít worry .. O.K. .. We are waiting for you ( to everybody ) his highness will grace us with his presence and he will choose and reject whoever he likes Ö in his name I warn you of any conduct that is not becoming for his position among us ( To the dean ) As for you Mr. deanÖ because you exceeded all his majestyís authorities Ö we decided to suspend you until he decides something on your matter . 

The inventor: Donít you see you two gentlemen ? .. Donít you see that you behave as if you own everything ?

Man 1 :

If you are addressing me , sir, allow me to say youíre mistaken.

The inventor :

Why ?


Because I donít want anything for myself .

The inventor : what do you mean ?

 Man 1 :

The professor , sir . He is worthier than you and me of managing our affairs .

The inventor : Which affairs and which professor you are talking about ?


 My professor and yours he is our professor Ö he is Mr. president of the university of medical sciences .. the university that opened its doors to you and embraced all your experiences . (The inventor objects . Then the secretary interrupts him) please , sir Ö you are respected by him Ö donít lose his respect for you . (The president of the university enters with two of his escorts .. and we shall call him man2).

Professor 2 (enters) : Shut up , the inventor doesnít lose the respect of no-one Ö and he is worthy of the respect of everyone Ö (To the inventor) I  congratulate you on your wonderful achievement and I acknowledge in front of every body that you did something that will be recorded in history and I give you my approval to register your name , in a special ceremony , on the immortals panel .

The inventor : Thank you .

Professor 2 : Now , letís talk about what is more important than the words of thanks and courtesy .

The inventor : Do I understand that the professor hints at the question of choice .

Professor 2 : Exactly .. this is what Iíve came for now.. I donít conceal the fact that I have waited for this moment , since your experience was just an idea conceived by an ambitious scientist from an imaginative play . You and  I saw the play of sabah al-Anbari the Blood sequence and I didnít fail to pay attention to the question of suitable choice which the priest of the play found at the right moment .

The inventor : What do you mean ?

Professor2: The choice , of course .

The inventor : Do I understand that the choice has been made and the matter has been resolved ?

Professor2: Exactly .

The inventor: How ? Ö how itís possible to conclude this matter , without me ?

Professor2: Itís possible in one case .

The inventor : Which case ?

Professor2: When the chosen mind is (he stop a little . He smiles) my mind.

The inventor: But sir we suggested some specifications which do not apply to your majestyís mind .

Professor2: Thatís wrong .. you made a mistake Ö you donít know what will happen to the new society without a new order Ö I  came to say to you donít worry , the image of the new society and its order is here .

(pointing to his head) in this head .

The inventor: I wonder if the professor has also thought of the means with which to convince the people of the idea of changing their minds .

Professor2: Yes Ö I thought of every detail even the ill image of the world became clear to me .

The inventor: Then , in one way or another you want to possess the world .

Professor 2: Exactly (continued to say ) I mean I  want to make the world happy by eliminating mental and class differences and make the socially prevalent mentality based on mine .

The inventor : Even , if your mind were not appropriate for this world ?

Professor2: Yes .

The inventor: Your highness, professor sharply ask for the impossibility.

Professor2: This means you challenge my will.

The inventor: Is defending peopleís destiny a challenge to your will ?

Professor2: I know these people and their destiny more than you . So when I impose my mind on them , I realize perfectly that I do that to serve them all .

The inventor : Rather to serve your interest .

Professor2: How ?

The inventor :  Making your mind a model for them means that you get the chance to dominate their minds and direct them wherever you want .

Professor2: Isnít that for their interest too ?

The inventor : No, it is for your interest .

Professor 2 : There is no difference , no difference whatsoever. So you may start your work immediately .

The inventor : Which work.

Professor2: Transferring my mind to others .

The inventor : What if I refuse ?

Professor 2 : You will not refuse .

The inventor : Are you sure of that ?

Professor 2 : Yes, and more that that , inventor .

The inventor (thinking a little ) : All right Ö then I shall do my job . (He starts to make preparations as if he will actually start the process . The new professor watches him attentively and carefully) .

Professor2(He realizes the intentions of the inventor ) : Bastard ..  I  knew that you were a despicable bastard .. I didnít think that a scientist like you could change into a killer (Threatening him) ListenÖ You will start transferring now Ö and my bodyguard, this (referring to one of his bodyguards) will supervise all your work , so , donít try anything with me .. and bodyguard. ( referring to another one ) shows no mercy to killers Ö now we shall start .


Professor 3 (walks among the audience in the passage that leads to the stage ) : Stop this mad man (the two bodyguards get confused on seeing the new professor , then they arrest their professor and push him into the cage lab animals (to the inventor) I  congratulate you , great achievement , I acknowledge in front off all people that your achievement is recorded in history.

The inventor (mechanically): Thanks, your highness, professor .

Professor3: Now, letís talk about what is more important than the words of thanks and courtesy .

The inventor : What does his majesty hint at ?

Professor3: At the choice , of course .

The inventor ( repeating the on clear mechanical way ) : That is what I came for , now .

Professor 3: Exactly .

The inventor : Am I Mistaken if I say that you donít want to hide the fact that you have been waiting for this moment ever since my experience was just an idea that came to my mind while watching the silent play (Blood Sequence) ?

Professor3: Exactly .. you are talking as if you were in my mind .

The inventor : I can also say that the choice has been made and the matter as been settled .

Professor 3 : Thatís greatÖ scientist.

The inventor : But, sir , how could the choice have been made and the matter settled without me ?

Professor 3 : Itís made only when the mind which is chosen to the new society is mine .

The inventor: Do you think , your highness that you are a successful model for the new society ?

Professor3: What about you , do you think to the contrary ?

The inventor : Excuse me , dare I say Ö in your presence Ö

Professor3(he interrupts him as if he understands what will the inventor say) : You donít need to say listen .. I have no time to loose it on saying .. we shall carry out the process now and I shall be a model for the desired society Ö come on .. letís start properly .

The inventor : The beginning will not be right without elaborated studying and a right choice .

Professor 3 : The choice is not within your competence , inventor.

The inventor: I know that itís within the competence of all of us.

Professor3: No Ö itís not within your competence  absolutely .. itís within the competence of the high authorities.

The inventor :

When the choice is made by a decision of any side , this means itís a limited choice .


Thatís right Ö what you say is true and this explains how I have the safety of the proposed model .

The inventor :



 You must carry out the process .

The inventor :

 On which proposed mental model ?


 On mine, inventor Ö thus, our beginning would be safe and sound.

 The inventor:

What if I refuse ?

The professor3:

No one, before you could refuse an order of mine .

The inventor:

 I refuse .



Listen, Mr. Inventor ( approaches the inventor explaining ) Ö my decision does not represent my own desire Ö itís a general social desire.

The inventor :

 No, I donít believe that .


You must believe.

The inventor : I canít .

Professor3: Then Ö carry out what Iím saying to you .

The inventor :

Carry out what ?


My will to make the new society .


(gets up among the audience , he speaks to both professor 3 and the inventor ) : stop this farce (both of them notice him . He gets on the stage .

He speaks to professor3) who gave you the right to behave as if everything is subject to your desire ? Have you forgotten your self that you decide and determine whatever you have no right in ?

Professor3(to the two bodyguards):

Stop this mad man Ö (the two bodyguards make for the man . He feels uneasy and looks at the audience and approaches them and calls someone).


Itís high time we got up and stopped this farce , sir. I donít have the patience to keep on watching this idiotic comedy (all the people try to know the person who got up among them and ascended the stage with four armed men while the fifth man was holding a small pet dog. The different places of the hall . The man takes off the mask that he wears as he gets on the stage.

Professor 3 withdraw of his will and enters the cage of the lab animals with two bodyguards. The scientists and professors team stand to show respect for the new comer, perhaps, out of fear or respect or conforming to conventional customsÖ silence prevails on the hall and the stage ).

Professor4(Reviews the faces silently and stands opposite to the inventor and smiles to him ) : You did a great and wonderful achievement inventor. You did us a favour that we couldnít ever forget. You also offered me peace of mind .

The inventor (Astonishingly): Me Ö Sir?!

Professor4: Yes, you, you are the best inventor in historyÖ

The entire scientific community, the whole presidency of the university and all scientific circles and forums will throw parties ad celebrations for a month from now rejoicing at your great achievement and its benefits to us .

The inventor : My honorable master .. this is so much praise .

Professor 4: This is not much for someone who offered much .

The inventor : Thank you , sir.

Professor4 ( speaking to the former professors): whatever happened to you that made you forget that your responsibility makes it imperative that you should not forget your rights and duties . Hasnít occurred to you that what you do is a breach and contempt of the honor of the profession ? ( To everybody) I  came silently to this place to see by myself how you deal with such case Ö Here Iím discovering your betrayal (to the inventor) excellent , Mr. Inventor since you procrastinated with this clique .

The inventor : But I donít intend Ö

Professor4: (Interrupting):

Nevertheless.. you did what your duty as a scientist dictates and your conscience orders as a human .

The inventor (happily) :

My honorable master , so I  understand that you approve of my offer ?

Professor4: Who wouldnít agree to your suggestion, great inventor .

The inventor :

Only now I feel relieved Ö I was so scared that my fear almost killed me .

Professor4(joking): And now?

The inventor: I feel reassured.

Professor4: This is a natural feeling .. He who gives reassurance , feels reassuredÖ you offered it to us by your great invention, so I give it to you by making the choice .

The inventor : (shocked):

Do you mean, sir, the choice has been settled too ?

Professor4(laughing , approaches the inventor, and looks at him ) : No.

The inventor(surprised at the denial): What Did you say no, sir?

Professor4:I think you heard me inventor .

The inventor : I think I heard you , indeed, but you surprised me .

Professor4: Why have I surprised you ?

The inventor : Because , you didnít choose your mind a model for the new society .

Professor4: Do you think Iím foolish Ö like these (referring to professors 1,2 and 3).

The inventor: You confuse me , sir . I can hardly understand what you aim at .

Professor4: what I aim at is greater being understood easily.

The inventor: What do you aim at , sir?

Professor4: I aim at a society free from enmity , disorder , ingratitude , rebellion and rejection .

The inventor(stressingly): A society that is virtuous, happy, equal, scientifically developed and civilized .

Professor4: Exactly.

The inventor : This is our main ambition as scientists and human beings .

Professor4: Our aims are always one Ö but , sometimes our means to achieve them are different.

The inventor: I donít care about the mean as long as it enables me to reach the aim .

Professor4: This is what I want, too .

The inventor: Well, what can I do, sir?

Professor4: Start the process immediately.

The inventor : But, we didnít choose the mind , yet.

Professor4: Didnít  I say that the choice has been made and the matter has been settled ?

The inventor : Yes .

Professor4: Then, get on with the process without interfering in the choice question (clique of the professor surrounds the inventor in a threatening manner in case he refuses ).

The inventor (hesitating, confused and afraid): All right Iíll do it but (looking at the faces of the four men) on which brain?

Professor4: On the brain of this (refers to the man who holds his pet dog).

The inventor: (even more confused): Who is this?

Professor4: My pet dog.

The inventor (incredulous): Your pet dog?! (the professor doesnít answer ) did you say your dog sir?

Professor4: You heard what I had said .

The inventor: No, no doubt you are joking (with emphasis) Iím sure that you are joking .

Professor4: Iím not joking .

The inventor: I donít believe that your highness chooses a mind of a dog to be a model for the new society .

Professor4: This is what the new society needs .

The inventor: No, this is what you yourself need.

Professor4: Shut up Ö just do what I order you .

The inventor (simulates submission to the professor 4 ) : What do you order me to do ?

Professor4: Start the transference immediately.

The inventor: What if I donít ?

Professor4: No one has refused my orders before . (the armed men surround the inventor in threatening gesture ) .

The inventor: Oh, what a pity Ö I didnít realize the seriousness of the great hazard I made myself .. now that I realized my horrible doing , I decided to lift the burden of my invention off humanity (he hastens to destroy the induction device ) .

The male assistant (realizes the intention of the inventor, shouts at the armed men) shoot ( they fire at the inventor as soon as he reaches the induction device ) .

The inventor (tottering .. then holding himself together Ö looks at his male assistant bitterly ) : You .. too .. ( he dies, darkness prevails on the stage. Only a circle of light continues for a while on the inventor Meanwhile a funeral march is played .


Professor4(sharply and angrily interrupting the atmosphere of mourning that prevails over the stage): Turn on the lights (the theatre is lit ) empty the place of this stench (two of guards drag the corpse out of the theatre .

Professor4 approaches the male assistant, puts his hands on his shoulder encouragingly ) Well done , honest citizen (he moves away from him then turns ordering him) start the transference immediately .

The male assistant ( in full obedience ) : Yes sir, ( to the female assistant ) doctor you will help me and will use the two devices at the same time , OK?

The female assistant : Yes ( she mimics him to professor4) sir.

The male assistant: All rightÖ

(the female assistant does what she did in the first experiment.

The male assistant to the man who holds professor 4ís dog) let the dog sit, on this chair (then to the profissor3) we shall start with you professor 3 ) .. have this seat, please.

Professor3(hesitant and confused ) : Why donít you start with someone else ( the male assistant doesnít reply) pleaseÖ start with some one else.

The male assistant : What is the difference Mr. professor? Everybody participates in this experiment and you are at the head of them .

Professor3(further disturbed): Bu.. but.. how ? my mind ! A dog .. no Ö no please .

The male assistant : Why not, Mr. professor? The dog is more faithful than some people .

Professor3: Bu.. m .. m.. Me ? .. me .. ho .. how ?!

Professor4: Sit down dog and donít object (professor3 sits submissive , obedient, fearful and confused , his eyes pleading them all and watches the male assistant and his movements carefully and with dismay) the lights on the stage are switched off except for a spot of light which continues to glow on the two chairs. Glow of the light increases as soon as the male assistant pushes one of the buttons and the transference is made . They untie the bands, professor3 gets up and retires to the side of the theatre while braking like the dog of professor4, professor2, professor1 and the other scientists are drawn forcefully towards the transferenceís chair.. henceforth the transference operation is carried out promptly by the male assistant in pantomime. Person in question takes a chair and sits down, then the spot light glows in a flash, after which he gets up and joins those who preceded him then he starts barking like the pet dog. As the male assistants finishes the operation on the professors and the scientists , professor4 steps forward to the small foreground of the stage speaking to the audience ) .

Professor4 ( maliciously and cunningly): Now, it is your turn.. ( the armed man descend rapidly dragging the first row of the audience towards transference chair , Some of them grumble, others step forward fearfully , hearing the laughter and the sarcasm of professor 4 . The clamour and the barking rise in the hall whenever the male assistant finishes a new group . The armed men drag the second, the third and the fourth rows while the barking increases more and more so that it becomes tedious and repulsive and it becomes louder with the use of the hall . A great number of the audience escapes from the hall . The professor 4 glances at them and shouts at them : Wherever you escape, my dogs will catch up with you .

The barking noise and clamour increase while the laughter of professor4 gets louder and his voice is repeated over the loud speakers : Wherever you escape, my dogs will catch up with you , wherever you escape , my dogs will catch up with you ..



Translated by:

Batool Ali